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Welcome. My name is Michael Lawrence. Contract bridge player, author, and teacher. Rather than tell you all about my qualifications, I will say that I have the required experience and background to present this site. The following is what you will find here:

  • About Michael Lawrence - Biography, credentials and contact info.
  • Products - A variety of bridge related retail items ranging from bridge books to bridge software.
  • Articles - Previously published and unpublished bridge articles and bridge hands.
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Takeout Doubles - Revised Edition A NEW BOOK by Mike Lawrence.

Takeout Doubles - Revised Edition.

The original book, Takeout Doubles, took me eight months or so to write. The rewrite took over a year to write. This latest version of Takeout Doubles includes new material, much of which has not seen print anywhere. All of the previous material was changed where needed and there are hundreds of new example hands with questions and answers.Order now.

Balancing - Revised Edition A NEW BOOK by Mike Lawrence.

Balancing - Revised Edition.

This book has been in the works for a long time which is not surprising since it has 450 pages which include much new material. This is a very nice looking book. It uses color and it is printed in a user friendly font.

All the topics in the original book are here but it includes dozens of new items including some that have never seen print before. Questions no one has ever asked before are presented and answered in this book.

I am very pleased with this book and hope you will be too.Order now.

NEW SOFTWARE from Mike Lawrence. Just in time for Christmas.

Mike's Advice. 333 perplexing hands to bid. Each problem comes with a choice of bids with explanations for why each bid is good or bad and why. This product is for players who frequently find themselves wondering what the right bid was on some hand that did not fit into most bidding schemes. There is nothing like this CD anywhere. The ACBL Bulletin editor, Brent Manley, loves it. There is a big plus in that Mike's Advice runs on PC and MAC. Something for everyone. Order now.


Fred Gitelman has created a patch that will bring your older Mike Lawrence CDs up to date.

You will find simple instructions on how to make your CDs work on Vista 64 and Windows 7.

I apologize for the problems created by Microsoft when they stopped supporting XP but this cure will solve the issues.

The four CDS that this will apply to are:

These three CDs already work on Vista 64 and Windows 7.

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